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The era when strip clubs, singles bars, adult bookstores and theaters, public parks and restrooms, and notorious street corners were the venues of choice for sex and porn addicts are gone. Sure, those places do still exist, and plenty of sex and porn addicts do still visit. But these days, sex and porn addicts are far more likely to facilitate their addiction via hookup apps, sexting, porn sites, dating sites, webcams, social media, and other online services than they are to cruise around town looking for ways and places to act out. Simply put, sex and porn addiction have become online addictions, heavily facilitated by the mostly anonymous, highly affordable access to sexualized content and contacts that digital devices provide. Most recovering sex and porn addicts find this type of accountability incredibly helpful in terms of maintaining sexual sobriety. Still, we recommend installing protective software because it does put a barrier between the addict and active addiction, and this barrier will at least slow down an addict long enough to think about potential consequences and reach out for help. Not all protective software products are created equally, nor are they intended to protect the same populations.

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It’s easier than ever for children and teens to access inappropriate content on the internet, even if they are doing so accidentally. Social networking and dating sites are multiplying all over the web, and are often free and easy to access with no need for age verification. To disable dating sites from all users except the administrator of your computer, follow a few easy steps with parental controls.

There is no need to buy expensive software to accomplish this. Access your computer from the administrator’s screen name.

You will then be redirected to the BlockSite menu. Simply tap Block Sites and enter the URL of the website you want to block. firefox blocksite.

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You might be swiping to find love, but on many dating sites the real match you may be making is with advertisers. A new report from Ghostery , which creates products to detect and block data trackers, reveals which dating sites are tracking your data the most. Ghostery examined the eight largest dating sites only their websites, not their corresponding apps in the United States — including Tinder, OkCupid, and Match — to find potential trackers.

Go to your computer’s system preferences. Click on.

If you often give your smartphone or tablet to your kids, having parental controls and blocking inappropriate content is a must. You can also utilize website blocking to kick your social media habit or to avoid distracting content when working. Whatever the reason, we are here to help. Here are some of the most effective methods to block websites on Android.

Although most mobile browsers are a far cry from their desktop counterparts when it comes to features, there are ways you can block websites through them on Android. Some browsers allow you to install add-ons. In this case we will be taking a look at a Firefox add-on. Here is how to install it:. If you are using this add-on mainly to protect your child from inappropriate content, you might need to take a couple more steps.

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A Big thanks to you people, who have developed this product. I have licensed McAfee, which is good for nothing and was unable to protect my laptop from these malwares. Exterminate listed all the malwares and registry changes done by them, like task manager, registry edit was disabled. I bought a single PC license, activated, scanned my system thrice and my system is now free from all malwares and viruses and running absolutely fine. I will recommend this to everyone who use P2P sites or rapidshare or torrents.

I never come across any dating sites or porn sites on my phone unless I have specifically searched for them. It’s not that hard. K views ·. View 45 Upvoters.

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A new report from Ghostery, which creates products to detect and block data trackers, reveals which dating sites are tracking your data the most.

Control the Internet access of your employees or students with the comprehensive pre-defined URL category database. Covering more than URL categories, administrators can easily block objectionable web sites through a diverse range of categories. Ensure employee Internet usage is in accord with your business acceptance policies. From the central Console, administrators can instantly implement Internet restriction policies at the user or computer level.

The laborious task of blocking millions of objectionable web sites is instantly facilitated by simply selecting categories to be blocked from a range of over URL Category filters. URL Category Filtering. Sites that deal with adult dating contains sexual content , or pickup and seduction. Sites belonging to a business or a service provider that doesn’t fall under any of the other categories. Sites that belong to: schools, kinder gardens, colleges and universities, or offer online education.

Sites about: Celebrity, gossip, movie reviews, entertainment gossip, celebs , magazines, may contain streaming media, does not contain downloadable media. Sites that have gambling games or gambling information gambling addictions will be under health. Sites that are just for kids and are safe sites added to this category is only after human review.

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